How to generate signed apk file for your android app

  1. Click on Build->Generate Signed APK from the Menu bar. The following wizard will open.


  2. If you wish to create a new key for your app, choose Create New. You can also use your existing key by Choose existing button.
  3. We’ll create a new key in this tutorial, so click on Create New. The below dialog will show up. For choosing the path, click on the 3 dots appearing on the right hand side of key store path. It will open the explorer where you want to save the keystore. At the bottom, enter the name of your keystore in the File name field and click OK. Fill in all the required details.


  4. In the next wizard, you’ll see the path of your key, keystore password and alias name that you have entered in the previous step. Click on Next.


  5. Select release from the Build Type drop down and click on finish. The generated APK file will be placed in APK Destination Folder shown above.

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