Integrate CCAvenue Payment Gateway in Android


For integrating the ccavenue payment gateway, we need to register with ccavenue. Go to this website and click on signup and then Get started. You’ll be shown a page like below. Enter all your business details and click on Create My Account.

After your account is successfully created, you’ll receive an email with Username and Password for login into ccavenue. Now, use those credentials to login into ccavenue.


After logging in, you’ll see your ccavenue’s dashboard. Click on Setting-> API Keys from the top right corner. You’ll see your Merchant ID, Access code and Working key.

Please note in the above screenshot registered public outgoing ip address is not shown. Public outgoing ip address is the ip address of the server from where all the requests will be made. For registering/whitelisting a public ip address send a mail to with your Merchant Id and the public ip address of the server you want to whitelist.

After that ccavenue team will whitelist the ip address and it will be displayed in your dashboard.


Now, let’s see how to call the ccavenue payment gateway page from mobile app. Go to Resources -> Mobile Integration Kit from the top right corner.

Click on Download integration kits from the left tab and then download the android code with non-seamless selected. Details about seamless and non-seamless app are available in Resources -> Web Integration Kit.

After downloading the sample code, import it into your Android Studio. You can also install the sample app directly available in the zip file.

Path: Android_Non-Seamless_Version.1.0\Non-Seamless\Sample App

Alternatively, you can download from here.

Install the file ccavenue-mobile.apk and launch it. You’ll see the following screen.

Just enter your access code and merchant id in the above screen. No need to change orderid, currency and amount for testing. OrderId is auto-generated.

After entering all the details, click PAY. This will launch ccavenue page in the WebView with the amount and currency provided by you. All payment options will be available for checkout.

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