AutoCompleteTextView Tutorial

WHAT IS AUTOCOMPLETETEXTVIEW An editable text view that shows completion suggestions automatically while the user is typing. The list of suggestions is displayed in a drop down menu from which the user can choose an item to replace the content of the edit box with. The drop down can be dismissed at any time by […]


WHAT IS VOLLEY ANDROID Volley is an HTTP library that makes networking for Android apps easier and most importantly, faster. ADVANTAGES OF USING VOLLEY Automatic scheduling of network requests. Multiple concurrent network connections. Transparent disk and memory response caching with standard HTTP cache coherence. Support for request prioritization. Cancellation request API. You can cancel a […]

How to create tabs in android using TabLayout

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an android app with tabs. STEP – 1 Create a new Android project and choose a Tabbed Activity with Navigation Style of Action Bars with ViewPager and click on Finish. Android Studio will create 3 files when you click on Finish. First, activity_main.xml which is layout of […]

How to create common Activity with Navigation Menu and Toolbar

Hey Folks!! In this tutorial we are going to learn how to create a common activity with toolbar and navigation menu that can be used for all the activities in your android project. We’ll be using a new kind of activity called Bottom Navigation Activity as our Base(Common) Activity. So, let’s get started. 1. Create […]

How to play Video in Android

Hello Geeks!! Today you ll learn how to play a video in android using VideoView. STEP-1 Create an Activity “SplashScreen” and paste the following code in the layout of the activity. STEP-2 Create a folder “raw” inside the res directory of the project and paste the video file that you want to play in your […]

Yodlee API Tutorial For Android

WHAT IS YODLEE? Yodlee is a British software company that develops an account aggregation service that allows users to see their credit card, bank, investment, email, travel reward accounts, etc. on one screen. In addition, Yodlee Labs (formerly Yodlee MoneyCenter), a free web application that helps consumers their finances online, provides features such as bill […]

Facebook Integration in Android App

Hello Folks, In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add facebook login in your android app. On logging in Facebook, we’ll get the name and email of the facebook user and show it in TextView. Lets’s get started. CONFIGURING FACEBOOK SDK STEP-1 Go to Facebook developer console  and login. Create a new project “AndroidLoginDemo”. Get […]

How to upload images to Firebase Storage

Hello Guys! In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use Firebase Storage. We are going to build a very simple android app which contains and an ImageView and a Button. User will select an image file from his gallery and the selected image will get uploaded to the Firebase Storage on click of a Button. […]

Login and Registration demo with Firebase database

Part 1- Registration (Saving data) 1.) Create a new Android Project “Firebase Demo“. Create an activity for registering the users and name it as RegisterActivity. Name the layout as “activity_register”. Now, Add the Firebase database in your android project. Go to File -> Project Structure -> Cloud. Click on the check box to add the […]

How to generate signed apk file for your android app

Click on Build->Generate Signed APK from the Menu bar. The following wizard will open. If you wish to create a new key for your app, choose Create New. You can also use your existing key by Choose existing button. We’ll create a new key in this tutorial, so click on Create New. The below dialog […]